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Do you think you have an originative mind? Are you thinking of starting your own business? Do you assume that you have a crazy idea that can be put into practice by turning it into a successful business? Whether your answer is positive or negative, do not hesitate to join us since we are here to contribute!

In the case that you are enthusiastic undergraduate or post-graduate students, we would absolutely like to invite you to join our remarkable team. Owing to the fact that there is great opportunity for you to develop your entrepreneurship skills, we do our best to provide the best possible situations to actualize your creativity. It will be our pleasure to have you as members of our association and take advantage of our wonderful services such as workshops and events. Your valuable contribution would be greatly appreciated by us.

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location circled 512 000000 Adress: 20 Dundas Street West, Suite 921 , Toronto, Ontario


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We are here:

To take your start-up to the next level
To support innovation-focused entrepreneurs in developing prototype products
To sourcing first customers 
To solving real business needs and
To accelerate time to achieve higher levels of success
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